Outlook 2003 deleted profile needs restore, all happened after archiving, using Planplus task add-in

My laptops outlook 2003 decided to archive, then delete a profile.  Well thats what the wife says.  Please help me restore all this info as it is all contact, calendar, and notes info for work.

1.  I need help restoring the previous profile that was there and reinstating everything in the archive.  
2.  This also has a add-in program for Outlook 2003 called Planplus by Franklin Convey.  Its a task program to help schedule etc.  I need to have not lost anything as of yesterday.  Outlook did archive as I can see the archive.ost file on the C drive.  
3.  Last now outlook wont even open.

Please help ASAP.  Thanks

I have tried to reinstate the archive but since outlook wont open now I cant do anything at all.  

Also the email was on an Microsoft Exchange Server that is no longer being used, or not logged in at least.
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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
I wouldn't worry to much about losing any data.
1) Search the hard drive for *.pst , *.ost files; and then copy these into your My Documents Folder if they aren't there already.

2) Create a new Outlook profile using the appropriate setting for your home network connection.
For example, the pop and smtp settings for COX is pop.west.cox.net and smtp.west.cox.net. You can get the correct seeting for your ISP from thier website.

3) After creating a new profile, and you are able to check email as normal; from Outlook, all you have to do is click "File" > "Open" > "Outlook Data File" and look in your My Documents where you stored the *.pst files.

4) Not sure how to open an *.ost file, buit here's a website with more info on that:

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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Is your profile a network profile linked to an exchange server?
When you go into Outlook, can you see anything, and does it bring up existing mail or is it just a few folders with most of the email missing?

If you can get into Outlook and send/receive email, you don't have to resetup your profile, just open the pst file or ost files.
bdog27Author Commented:
Ok so just to clarify.   I cant open outlook to get to any menu, to anything.  I open it things trys to open to an address, however thats not the same address, and outlook closes.  I cant open anything.  

The wife tried to open in safe mode but that was following instructions from Franklin Convey to restore the data from PLANPLUS.  

And now I cant find the same .ost file.  Im told she didnt delete anything.
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Just uninstall Outlook and then reinstall so that you get to the point where you can start creating a new profile.

Regarding, the missing ost file, is it possible that you're hard drive is not working correctly? Maybe failing? Another possibility, did you choose hidden files when searching your hard drive?

Did you find any *.pst files?

Copy the above file types( *.pst, *.ost) to your My Documents folder so you can easily access these before uninstalling/reinstalling.

Was your email account connecting to your work exchange server or were you just using it for internet email from home?

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