HowdoI Test for failed assignment to a ConnectionStringSettings object ?

I cannot figure out how to test for a "null" or empty value.

       Dim AppKey, AppValue As String
       Dim AppConnSettings As ConnectionStringSettings
       AppKey = "xxx.My.MySettings.Settingxx"
       AppConnSettings = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings(AppKey)
       'How do I test that the above statement has anything in it?
       'Below gives me an error at design time that says
       '"Operator '=' is not defined for types 'System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettings' and 'System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettings'. "
       If AppConnSettings = Nothing Then
            Console.WriteLine("AppKey: {0}, has no connectionstringsetting", AppKey)
        End If

If I try something like string.isnullorempty(appconnsettings.tostring) that fails with a runtime null exception error.

How do I determine that appconnsettings failed to get a value from the assignment?
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Try this:
If AppConnSettings Is Nothing Then

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OuttaCyTEAuthor Commented:

You'd think that searching on the topic of null and nothing specifically with reference to .NET VB would have yielded a wealth of hits saying what you just did.

But if they did, I was too stupid to read them correctly...

Thanks again,
No worries
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