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Scrubbing drives

I used the acu to create the array and sik management to finish it off,  someon brought up scrubbing.  This option was not availble in the acu. is it necessary? Is it automatic if the option is unavailable. when is it necessary to scrub? any details on scrubbing would help.
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Not sure, but is this a new array with new drives or reusing old drives that had data ?

If you are creating from scratch in any case, I do not think scrubbing is needed since all data pointers are set to 0 and everything will be overwritten, so ther is no previous data to worry about.

I hope this helps !
RartemassAuthor, martial arts coach, IT ConsultantCommented:
Scrubbing a disk writes over each bit on the drive with new (generally random) information.

The   DOD recommends drives to be scrubbed 7 times before recycling to stop most data recovery methods.
Drives containing top secret information should never be recycled   but physically destroyed.

As SysExpert said, if they are new drives if is not necessary. If they are your drives being re-purposed, I also wouldn't bother.

If you want to clear all data off as a precaution, I recommend using DBAN:

The process will take several hours to several days, depending on how complex you want to set the wipes.


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