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We are currently running Exchange 2003. We have four routing groups.

One of the routing groups is HQ, and we plan to install an Exchange 2007 server there. The other sites will remain on Exchange 2003 for a short time.

I've heard when you install a 2007 server into an Exchange organisation with 2003 servers, you need to make a registry key change to ALL Exchange servers to supress link state information.

Can someone confirm if this is true? If so, how would routing groups continue to work for the groups that hadn't moved to 2007 yet?
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ach_patilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its not compulsory to make the change. But if you dont, there are chances that you will run into a looping problem. So its advised you do it. Refer to the link below which talks about it in detail

Also refer to these links for more information on co-existence
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