Restart Advertisement for Failed Stations

I had an issue with my dist. points that i have fixed.  However, I have 9% of my workstations that have failed.  How do I restart the advertisement to only those failed workstations?
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U_ManssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To rerun failed advertisements you have to set the advertisement as mandatory. You also have to reschedule the advertisement, "Run as soon as possible" is not working as a schedule if you want to the advertisement to rerun failed attempts.
Finally change the "Program rerun behavior" to "Rerun if failed previous attempt"
whoamAuthor Commented:
Okay, so I've added the attached schedule change.  I'll see if this helps tonight.  Thanks.
whoamAuthor Commented:
The SCCM console, at least to me, is complex, so a little more help on where to find the options needed would be great.  That said, greatly appreciate the help.
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