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I have an Infragisitcs Combo Box that return 2 columns.  When the user keys text into the box, it automatically searches on the first column and drops down to the row containing that text.  I want it to search on the 2nd column.  I tried setting the Value Member to the 2nd column and it didn't work and I can't find a property to set the which column it is searching on.  Any ideas????
cboBRM.DataSource = _AppData.CodeLists.NLReleases.DefaultView
            cboBRM.Rows.Band.ColHeadersVisible = True
            cboBRM.Rows.Band.Columns(2).Hidden = True
            cboBRM.Rows.Band.Columns(1).Width = 230
            cboBRM.DropDownWidth = 400
            cboBRM.DisplayMember = "Description"
            cboBRM.ValueMember = "Title"
            cboBRM.SelectedRow = Nothing

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The UltraCombo searches in the DisplayMember column, not the ValueMember column.  If you want to search a different column, you'll have to catch the TextChanged event and search the rows manually.
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