Flash Media Server and IIS Web server

I am analyzing the website specified in URL - http://gosmokefree.nhs.uk. I could tell it is using macromedia  to produce the audio and video and ASP.Net that links to a database for simple data processing. I need some advise on:

a) Is Macromedia Flash Media Server is a very heavy intensive server, let's say in the website it contains about 60% on video ?

b) If yes, it is a good practice to install it together with IIS ?

c) So far is there any bad side when both operate together?

Thanks in advance
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Sam PanwarConnect With a Mentor Sr. Server AdministratorCommented:

1.The Media server is always heavy and that's why it is require better server configuration and bandwidth.

2. Yes I am using IIS and flash media server without any problem and there is no problem to use both on the same machine but the machine configuration should good like RAM and processor.

3. I didn't get any bad factor last three year.

Let us know if I can be of any further assistance.
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