Quicktime mov file will not play in IE7

Quicktime mov file won't play though internet using IE7.  However, if I open it in firefox it will play just fine.  I also uninstalled IE7 and the mov file would then play.  So it seems to only be an issue with IE7.  I have also updated flash, macromedia and java.  

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lovelacelConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Converted files from mov to avi and now there are no problems.
Hello lovelacel,

If you experience problems with IE7, and viewing movies, we suggest that you update Quicktime to the current highest version (7.1.5 at present). This can be done by downloading Quicktime from Apple's website or by running Apple's Software Update tool:
Start->Programs->Apple Software Update


Hope this helps!
lovelacelAuthor Commented:
I have tried updating Quicktime but that doesn't help.  This is the error I recive if this helps at all.
line: 1
char: 1
Error: object expected
Code: 0
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lovelacel--What happens when you download the .mov file to your hard drive?.  Can you play it from there?
If no fix yet, these articles may help
Note there are alternative players for .mov files.
lovelacelAuthor Commented:
Yes I can play it that way.  It just won't play with IE7
lovelacel--I do not think .mov files will play with IE, itself.  However, that first link I gave you http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/how_to_play_mov_files.cfm will give you the codec you need to automatically open a streaming .mov file in Windows Media Player when you click on the .mov file on a webpage accessed with IE.  No need to download to your hard drive.
Alternatively, open the Quick Time program and look over the tabs.  One will allow you to check a box to play streaming video files.  I no longer use Quick Time so cannot tell you the tab.
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