C# / VB.NET - Apply Multithreading techniques to a slow algorithm

Hi have a very large algorithm which can become slow in some extreme circumstances. I want to add some threads to try to speed up the processing. Here is an example of how i am doing it.

 for each CustomerID in Customers

If someone could give me a vb.net or c# example of calling the ReallyLongProcess method asynchronously each time and then an example to determine when all the callbacks are finished I would greatly appreciate it.
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How about something like one of the following.  The second option utilises the CLR thread pool.
Dim NewThread As New Threading.Thread(AddressOf ReallyLongProcess)
Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ReallyLongProcess), CustomerID)

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talker2004Author Commented:

This looks good

One thing i am still not clear on is how to handle the callback to execute the DisplayResults method. I see that you are specifying the wait callback but i am unclear how to tie in the event handler.
The only way I can think of at the moment is using the first method, storing them in a List(Of Thread), iterating through them on a While loop and checking the IsAlive property.
It won't be the cleanest way of doing it but I guess it should work!
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talker2004Author Commented:
thanks, it makes sense now. I have loops going on just as you have described.

I am really excited to try it out
I just gave the following a quick run through to see if it works and it does!
I guess you could find something better to do during the loops...
Sub Main()
	Dim Threads As New List(Of Threading.Thread)
	For I As Integer = 1 To 20
		Console.WriteLine("Starting thread {0}", I)
		Dim NewThread As New Threading.Thread(AddressOf Wait)
		NewThread.Name = I
		NewThread.Start(I * 1000)
	Dim Start = Now
	For Each Thread In Threads
		Console.WriteLine("Waiting on thread {0}", Thread.Name)
		While Thread.IsAlive
		End While
		Console.WriteLine("Thread died after {0}", (Now - Start).ToString)
End Sub
Sub Wait(ByVal Time As Integer)
End Sub

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talker2004Author Commented:
This is so what i wanted to do and easy to test.
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