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Technics to backup 150 servers

I am working with legato Networker version 7.1 and LTO2 tapes . I have been in charge to develop a system to backup all these servers. this backup is from client-to-tape. I tested the system and during a full backup it takes about 10 tapes. Management wants to have a such system in place that they can restore any file from the last six months, so basicaly there will be a retention period of six months. So my question is, do I take every week a full backup and keep it for six months? or I take a granfather schema? or there any other schema that i can use  with these type of tapes ?  Any comment will be appreciated
2 Solutions
Suggest you take a weekly full backup (over a weekend) and during the week an incremental backup if your data changes frequently;
work in a 2-week cycle for these tapes and store off-site (that would be best-practice, but not essential)
(I assume you are using an autoloader if it's taking 10 tapes)
Hope this helps you
I agree in principle, but you may want to add a Monthly full backup set as well.

After you have 2 or 3 full sets, you could go to a incremental or differential backup to save on tapes ( theoretically ).

Otherwise you are talking about 10 x 26 weeks of tapes.

I hope this helps !

Jorge-123Author Commented:

From your comments I got this options:
Option  1. -  26 weeks x 10 = 260 tapes for full backups (no differential backups)
Option  2.-  2-week cycles will be , one full backup and two weeks of  differential backups   5 x26 = 130 tapes for full backups  and  one tape for differential per week so it will be 2 x 26 = 52 tapes for differential, so it will be a total of  180 tapes
Option 3.-   1 full backup and  four weeks of  differential  backups, 10 x 6 months = 60 tapes for full backups and
 1 x 26 weeks = 26 tapes for differential backups.  Therefore I will have 60 + 26 =  86 tapes
Option 4.-  3 full sets  means to me 10 x 3 weeks -30 tapes for full backups and the rest of the time differential backups only ? This one I really did not understand very well.
Option 5.- will be , three week of full backup with incremetal during the week, the last weekend of the month take a full backupo and that tape wiil be off-site and  the followin month reuse the previos tapes for other three week and at the end of the month , or the last week take a full backup and then thake it off-site and at the end of the six month take a full bakup and that it off-site.
So this will be  10 x 3 week = 30 tapes with full backup and resusable and  10 x 1 week= 10 tapes to full backup and stored off-site
So in total I wil have  10 x 6 months = 60 tapes with full
10 x 1 months  10 tapes for the six month
10 x 3 weeks = 30 tapes resusable every month
So in total I will have  60 tapes + 10 tapes + 30 tapes = 100 tapes
Did I understand your comments correctly? Or I was missing something? with these options can I restore any data for the last six monts?  

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