Batch file to copy paste

I need a batch file which will copy files which the modified date is not the current date from a folder A and paste it in folder B.


to delete files from folder B which is older than five days (from top)

And i need to schedule it in windows scheduler to run this at 15:00 . If the today's file not arrived at 15:00 it should run at 16:00 and again its not arrived 17:00 and so on ...till 23:00...

Please help me !
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kram0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Double-click will work. You could call it from the batch file with "wscript filename.vbs".
You could then schedule the batch file to run automatically.
"xcopy <source> <destination> /D /Y" will work to copy/overwrite files that are newer than what already exists in the destination.
As for deletion of older files, you may need to run something from vbs.
jaisonshereenAuthor Commented:
how to delete the file according to "modified date"?
This VBS looks to be pretty much exactly what you are after...
jaisonshereenAuthor Commented:
could you tell me how to execute this?

i have copy pasted the entire script as filename.vbs

is it a mater of double clicking?
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