Used KillDisk - Now Recovery Disk Wont Boot Up


I have a Sony Laptop that runs with Vista that I wanted to sell.  I used KillDisk to wipe the hard drive before selling.  However, when I try to load the recovery discs to bring it back to factory settings, it does not load up.  I am getting a "Missing Operating System" message.

The laptop has a partition that houses an on-board recovery tool.  When I try to load that and recover from there, it gives me a "Missing C Drive or C Drive is too small".

Please advise me on what I need to do to be able to load my Factory Settings back on my laptop.

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is caused by the fact that your lappie is trying to boot from disk
in the bios, change the boot priorito to CD drive first
i suppose you need to partition the drive first.
use an XP install cd , or bootit-ng :       
chance77Author Commented:
I have an old copy of a Windows 2000 that I can use.  However, it does not even load when I put it in and turn on the computer.
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