Have lost connect to VMWare ESX server after changing the network speed from 100 meg to 1g fd, how do i un do this?

Hey All,
I have been trying to trouble shoot a problem with my VM servers connecting at 10 meg and not 1 gig or 100 meg.  I went into the VI client and changed the nic settings from 100 meg to 1gig fd.  Now I cannot connect to the host and am not sure how to undo this egregious error.  I can get to the server through the KVM, but am not savy enough to fix it through the command line.
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WillAspectAvayaAuthor Commented:
Have figured it out.  Basicly I hooked the server up to a 1gig fd switch and was able to get in and fix the nic back to 100meg.  Basic networking skills.....
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