How do I turn this into a template?

Hi, I have dreamweaver cs3 and I am redesining my website. I have a test page loaded here: 
*note if you click the hyperlinks on the navigation menu it may not direct you to the right pages yet- I just set up the style, not how to direct the pages.

Thats the basic layout of the pages though. I want to save this as a template so if I update a link, I wont have to manually change 20+ pages- just update the template file. I press file and save as template, and I get a warning about having no editable regions. How do I fix this?

PS I have to have 2 editable regions- one for the title, another for the content. Here is an example: 

notice the title area has text, then right below the title (under the top bar) is where the page content goes.  

Just dont understand how to create the editable regions with this page style.
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LocoTechCJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is that all you want to have editable is the title of the page and the main content below?  I don't fully understand what your asking, but here is how I go about making the template.  I first create a regular page, as you did in the first link.  Then, the parts I would like editable, I highlight and cut.  Then I go to "Insert" > "Template Objects" > "Editable Region".  Then I paste the contents into that editable region and do a "File" > "Save As Template".

Hope this helps.

ccpjcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i don't have exp with dreamweaver, but in asp you can make master pages that can do this for you
kate_nelson2001Author Commented:
hmm I dont know how to use asp- does anyone know how to do it in DW?
ShaneJonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
create each section as an include file in php and reference it like follows

include ('menu.php')


menu.php willl house all of your menu links.

It shounds like you need to learn some sort of scripting language to make your site a little dynamic.
kate_nelson2001Author Commented:
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