CPU idle 55 deg celcius, can't cool down! scratch on cpu

Hey everyone,

Recently purchased a used QX6800 quad core extreeme 2.93Ghz CPU, fantastic chip, but damn it runs hot! When I run an intensive task that uses close to 100% CPU i'm getting a temperature of 80 degrees celcius, at this time my motherboard starts beeping at me, guess preparing me for a meltdown!

When installing the CPU i followed the instructions for thermal paste and heatsink installation for a quad core cpu on the arctic silver website. My heatsink is a Thermaltake V1, very good LARGE heatsink. I have 2 case fans, 1 blowing cooler outside air into the case onto the heatsink/cpu and one blowing hot air out of the case.

The CPU has a scratch on the side. I'm wondering if this could be the reason why it's running so hot. Picture of CPU with scratch attached.

If the scratch is affecting it, would attempting to fill the scratch with thermal paste work?

Please help me!
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im not sure the scratch will cause it BUT if you put on thermal paste too much, then it wont cool that good. So use the thermal paste with caution and dont use too much.
can you test the cpu on another PC?  just to be sure it is the cpu causing the heat...
you can also try to have it exchanged, should still have warranty
was the scratch there originally?
undysheltsAuthor Commented:
CPU has no warranty, was an ebay job! I got into the case and pressed down the heatsink, thinking maybe it would help spread and thin the thermal compound. Then pushed down all the heatsink clamps (again) with a screwdriver with some force... seems like now it's working fine, idling at 38 degrees, and max 63 degrees with 100% usage with all cores using prime95 for 10 mins. Problem solved.

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Have you tried running with the side of the case off and a proper desk fan blowing at it? This might help rule out airflow issues within the case, if the heat sink can do its thing with a big 12" fan blowing ambient temperature air on it from outside the case, then you know its probably airflow you want to be addressing, rather than the contact between HS + CPU.

As Psychotec says though, use thermal paste sparingly. Four small blobs no bigger than the size of a squirrels tear should do it.
Ridge at edge of cut may be preventing complete contact.
I recommend lapping the CPU for a flat surface like they did in the old days.
Lapping is basically sanding/polishing the mating surface using first 600 grit and then crocus paper (1000-1200 grit).
Used to be (and maybe still is) a very common practice among overclockers.
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