Can anybody advise me of performance tuning on windows 2008 running on DL 380 G4 with 12GB , Raid 1 & Raid 5

Hi I am running windows server 2008 enterprise & sql 2005 std.  HP DL 380 G4  dual xeon 3.0 Processor,  12 GB of RAM  2 x 72 gb raid 1  for os & 3 x 72 gb raid 5 for data.  somebody advise me to tune the ser for best performance tuning.
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:


If this is a busy SQL database, then you should not be storing and running the database from a RAID 5 array. It should be run from a RAID 10 array and no other; if it works reliably from RAID 5 it can't be a busy database.

Other tweaks I would make would mainly be to ensure that the page file is set to a fixed size. This would usually be 1.5x the size of RAM, but 18GB is probably very large for the page file, so set it to what Windows recommends. When you go to change it, choose a Custom Size, and enter the SAME size for both the initial size and the maximum size. This prevents Windows resizing the file on the fly which can cause performance issues.

Ensure all Windows update are installed and the server is kept patched, and you should be OK on that side of things.

vijaydawdaAuthor Commented:
Dear Tigermatt,
Thks. for your answer,  I am fully updated with patches,  one more aspect that will be sql 2005 std. be able to take advantage of whole 12 GB  or maximum os can allow it?Vijay

The Operating System in general will only be able to make use of the full 12GB if you have installed and are using the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008. If you have the 32-bit edition, only 4GB of RAM can be used - maximum.

So, should you be running the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008, then yes, SQL Server can utilise the majority of the 12GB of RAM (some will obviously be used by the Operating System).

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