Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Range Issue?

Hi all,

just a simple question really.

in our warehouse we are using a few voyager bluetooth barcode scanners to scan our shipments out.

the problem is that when we go maybe 20 feet away from the bases they loose range!

is there anyway i can boost this range or enchance it? is there anything i can remove to enchance the range?

bear in mind we have a lot of racking up against the 4 walls of the warehouse.

let me know


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Leon TealeConnect With a Mentor Penetration TesterCommented:
any type of wireless digital device is HIGHLY effected by machineary and metal works...this may be the case for you...i may suggest ringing your supplier or voyager and see if they have any thing like a signal eith boost your signal or extra bases..and place an extra couple around the warehouse..

we had to do this for our cordelss phones..same situation, now works a treat..but obviously ask them first if it is possible on the bluetooth devices.
GoptionAuthor Commented:
thaks for your help :)
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