Vista BSOD 0x7b, no recovery disks,

Have an HP Pavillion running Vista home premiumwhich when it tries to boot it blue screens.  I try to run repair with another Vista Operating disk and it says it cannot repair.  It won't go into the system recovery using the F11 key.  Don't know what else to try. Was hoping Vista had a fixboot option but I do not see it anywhere.

Seems like this could be a failed hard drive.
gtdideaComputer consultantAsked:
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Please write down the exact error...
gtdideaComputer consultantAuthor Commented:
The screen goes by fast, but here is what i can catch:

A problem has been detected and windows has shut down ....

stop 0x0000007B ( 0x80399BB0, OXC0000034, 0X000000, 0X000000)
Hi there;

Go into the BIOs and change the setting on the SATA to compatability mode...

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Hi there;

Have the BIOS in compatibility mode for the SATA..Boot into Vista and this allows the system to install the ATA drivers for the chipset.  Then reboot, enter into the bios and switched it back to AHCI.  When Vista reboot this time, it detected the AHCI and installed the proper drivers.  Rebooting again helped to finalize the changes.  The system does have the the intel turbo memory included..Please inform me if you have intel turbo mem...

Best regards...
gtdideaComputer consultantAuthor Commented:
There is no option in the Bios to change the compatibility mode.  I have the HP pavillion dv6500 Notebook with Bios version F.2a.  With AMD Turion 64 X2 processor.

Are you sure? Please write down menu and submenus in BIOS...
gtdideaComputer consultantAuthor Commented:
Here are Bios options and menu's:


System Time
System date
Diagnostic Log


Administrative Password
Power-on Password

System Configuration:

Button sound
Dedicated Video Memory up to
Virtualization Technology

Boot Options:
    F10 and F12 Delay
    CD-ROM Boot
    Floppy Boot
    Internal Network Adapter Boot

Boot Order:


Primary Hard Disk Self Test
Memory Test

One of the tools that can be used if Startup Repair doesn't work is described here:;en-us;927392
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

Bootrec can help you solve a problem with:
- a bad master boot record (MBR)
- a bad boot sector
- a bad Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store.

The Bootrec tool is part of the Windows Recovery Environment (RE).  To use it you must insert the Vista install DVD in your CD/DVD drive (after possibly modifying options in your BIOS so that the primary device for boot is that drive), and then restart the computer.  You will need to select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or other input method, and then click the button labeled Next. On the following screen, click Repair your computer, click the operating system you want to repair and click Next.  In the System Recovery Options dialog box that opens up, click Command Prompt, type BOOTREC.EXE and press the Enter key.

Bootrec has the following options that can be appended to the command line following a slash to indicate there is a parameter present  (e.g., Bootrec.exe /FixMbr):

- FixMbr
- FixBoot
- ScanOs
- RebuildBcd

FixMbr will write a Vista-compatible MBR (Master Boot Record) to the system partition.  FixBoot writes a new Vista-compatible boot sector to the system partition.  ScanOs scans all disks for installations compatible with Windows Vista and optionally displays any that are missing from the Boot Manager menu.  RebuildBcd will scan all disks for installations compatible with Vista, and optionally lets you select installations to add to the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store.
gtdidea, any feedback?
gtdideaComputer consultantAuthor Commented:

The system finally booted up using last good configuration which would not run before.   Once it booted up everything was fine.  What was also interesting is when i tried to use the repair function from a Vista disk, the restore points where there initially but after the third unsuccessful try it removed the restore points. I had the customer run Acronis True image and make an image of the drive and he is getting HP to send him a new drive.  I plan to do a full system reload and reload his programs.  I will copy his data back and we should be good from there.

  I did not have to run the Bootrec.  I do appreciate the help and i will use the Bootrec function in the futur as it is just what I was looking for.

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