Seeking Forum with Chinese Language BACKend


Does anyone know of a robust Forum package where the backend language can be set to Chinese?  Does not have to be free.  Looking for something other than PhpBB.

We HAVE the Invision Power Board.  If anyone knows of BACKend language packs for that then that would work, too.


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Eric AKA NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This site has a ton of comparisons:

vBulletin seems to have a Chinese version:

I'm not brave enough to try and read these, but what you might consider is looking at the forums listed at,CN and see what software they're using. It can't hurt, right?

If Invision works for you, then you might try contacting them to see how they would handle the problem.

a466-ub52Author Commented:
WONDERFUL!  Thanks a TON! : )))))))))))))))))))))))
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