Server 2003 Enterprise 32bit running extremly slow, can someone help please?

This is my system specs.

2 dual core 2.8 Ghz Xeon proc.

This server is operating as a Domain controler, DNS, DHCP, FILE, PRINT, IIS, and FTP servers. It also has Teamspeak and ventrilo servers running as well. These are the roles this server must provide. I remote administrate it. It is local and on 1GB connection.  When you remote in it takes too long (I think) to do anything.  If you try to open msconfig, you will wait 3-5 minutes.  If you attempt to open desktop properties you will wait 1-2 minutes.  If I use the data that is stored on the server(movies and music and applications) they work perfect. Only when you log into the server does it act like it is choking.

The file "INETINFO.EXE" is going crazy in task manager.  I have over 1GB RAM free but this file is going crazy, lots of cpu time and RAM,

Any ideas?
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There was a bug a while back with the SMTP Service clashing with this program which is part is IIS admin.
Go into services (inside control panel / admin tools)
and disable SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol services)
(assuming that you are not using this server for mail in which case that would obviously throw a spanner in the works.

If that does cure it then make sure you have all the MS patches as this one was fixed a while ago.

Also - check your event logs - I just googled it and found you may be seeing lots of
"Event ID 7031" and "Event ID 7034" in the logs if this is the case.

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slayer8322Author Commented:
I am using pop3 service. I forgot
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

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It shouldn't impact pop3.  maybe do this as a test when you do not have many users around.  Take it offline for an hour over night.
slayer8322Author Commented:
so I could still send and receive email with smtp disabled. My bacup software sends email with SMTP
you said you use it for pop3.   Pop3 is ONLY for people picking up emails off your server.  It is a pick up email system.

SMTP is a drop off or delivery or post out email system.  If you disable this you will not be able to send from (or through) this server.

It has a slim chance of also killing your incoming mail that people would then pick up from you using pop3.  Some mail server software will die if you kill SMTP
(read that as badly writen or badly configured software).
But this is ok for an hours test as the mail will queue up outside at the other servers and come in when you turn it all back on.
NOTE - If you are receiving super urgent 'meltdown' type emails and could not live without them for 1 hour then make other arrangements.
Once you have tested if this fixes the problem you can fix it and/or restart services.
slayer8322Author Commented:
I got a few hours this evening I will stop the SMTP service and check it.
slayer8322Author Commented:
I disabled the SMTP service and it stoped.  Now my question is, what can I do to fix this issue.  If I turn it back on it starts right back up acting crazy.  I need this SMTP service back up as soon as possible.  I really appriciate all of your help.
Well you know what the problem is - now you just need to fix it.
Have a look at your events log file.
Look back to when the service was turned on.  Do you see the two error numbers listed in the first reply up near the top ?

If so read :

Also make sure you are on the latest service pack and OS patches as these should fix this issue.
slayer8322Author Commented:
Problem now solved,  Thanks for your help.
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