Java alternative for Jpcap

Is there any alternative for Jpcap (except jnetpcap) for capturing and/or analysing network packages in Java?

I had already seen stating that there is nothing like this and I am actually thinking the same but just wnat to verify.

Any ideas/comments/options are welcome. Even libraries that do partial things may help.

Thanks in advance.

PS: And yes - I amaware that Java is not the language for such things - but these are the requirements :)
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did you see ?

Oops. I did not see your exclusion for jnetpcap ;-)
O.K. there is also:


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VenabiliAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the ideas - let me check these but jNetStream seems promising :)

(This is still open for other ideas so if someone has any, let me know.
Why are you looking for an alternative btw?
VenabiliAuthor Commented:
To make sure we do not have a better library for our goals. I had used only jpcap and I know it can do it. Noone else around here had not used anything... so...

This is one of those things: let's see what is out there so we can rule out everything and assure the management that we had selected this not only because everyone says it is the best but also because we actually did our research. I prefer to ask for opinions when I had not worked on something for ages - someone will have the more recent experience and who knows - there might be something new which I had not found during my own research. Once I know what is there, I can start deciding what I want to use...  

Guess this means that you would go with Jpcap?
>>Guess this means that you would go with Jpcap?

No - i don't know much about it in fact ;-) Your approach sounds like a good and thorough one
VenabiliAuthor Commented:
:) Well - doing protocol/packets analysys in Java is not something you do very often :)


JNetStream seems like a really viable option. We are doing a POC/design/something like this to see how much we can use it but thanks again for the answer. I will keep this open for a few more days to see if someone will show up with other ideas. Thanks again :)


any other ideas/experience/whatever?
there is also jpckt32 -> However the project seems to be abandoned since 2001.

I think now we have pretty much all possible Java interfaces to pcap ;-)

VenabiliAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
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