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perl + split + pipeline

I am using the following program to get the values from the pipeline separated file

But it is not working as i expected.

input file contains :


i need a output like this :

1 : abcd
2 : efd
3 : adfa

if i replace the | (pipe symbol) with , (comma) then it works fine.

please correct the program

thanks in advance


open(LOGFILE) or die("Could not open log file.");
foreach $line (<LOGFILE>) {
    chomp($line);              # remove the newline from $line.
    # do line-by-line processing.
	 @values = split ('|',$line);
	 $count =0;
	 foreach my $val (@values) {
		 print " $count :  $val\n";

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Kamaraj Subramanian
Kamaraj Subramanian
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1 Solution
split ('\|',$line)
perldoc perlre

       The patterns used in Perl pattern matching evolved from the ones
       supplied in the Version 8 regex routines.  (The routines are derived
       (distantly) from Henry Spencer's freely redistributable
       reimplementation of the V8 routines.)  See "Version 8 Regular
       Expressions" for details.

       In particular the following metacharacters have their standard
       egrep-ish meanings:

           \   Quote the next metacharacter
           ^   Match the beginning of the line
           .   Match any character (except newline)
           $   Match the end of the line (or before newline at the end)
           |   Alternation
           ()  Grouping
           []  Character class
Kamaraj SubramanianApplication Support AnalystAuthor Commented:
When i post this quesion, i think about you only (ozo). B'cos you are master in perl.

thanks for your solution

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