Capture website as image screenshot

Does anybody know of a PHP script that can capture a website and save it as an image screenshot? I use this for ASP.NET ( but I'm not aware of anything similar for PHP.
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Hi there,

I have used this website and it worked for me.

Although I have a windows server.

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For Linux Server Try:

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Also check the link for windows server:
DarkHillAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the Linux solution is something I am looking for. Does anybody have experience with this particular script?
What type of help you are looking for. Just download the Package and the go trough the example. After that if you need help please post your problem here
DarkHillAuthor Commented:
I'm merely asking if somebody has used this script and how well it works seeing as they do not provide a demo on the website and I'm only getting my Linux server next year. Currently on a Windows server.
I used this on one of my project for a client. I just give them the php code and also the software setup instruction. According to my knowledge the script works - but I don't know how to setup those thing on Linux as there professional did that task.
DarkHillAuthor Commented:
It's PERL, but I'll have a look when I can, thanks.
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