Error: Cannot find any appendable volumes

Hello Experts!

I have small problem with backup system BACULA (Version: 2.2.8). I keep getting messages Cannot find any appendable volumes. Those messages start to appear when bacula fills up hard disk to 100%.

How do I have to configure bacula DIR, so it could automatically recycle volume?

06-Nov 11:06 virgo-sd JobId 251: Job sagittarius.2008-11-03_04.05.13 waiting. Cannot find any appendable volumes.
Please use the "label"  command to create a new Volume for:
    Storage:      "FileStorage" (/backup/bacula)
    Pool:         sagittarius-pool
    Media type:   File
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Client {
  Name = sagittarius-fd
  Address =
  FDPort = 9102
  Catalog = MyCatalog
  Password = "100x8W/6tfBOR/129ZYqhijgsY8mPPDBCMN91EqDzvmi" # password for
  File Retention = 5 days                 # 30 days
  Job Retention = 5 days                  # six months
  AutoPrune = yes                     # Prune expired Jobs/Files
Job {
  Name = "sagittarius"
  Type = Backup
  Client = sagittarius-fd
  FileSet = "sagittarius-full-set"
  Schedule = "sagittarius-schedule"
  Storage = File
  Messages = Standard
  Pool = sagittarius-pool
  Write Bootstrap = "/var/db/bacula/SAGITTARIUS.bsr"
Schedule {
  Name = "sagittarius-schedule"
  Run = Level=Full mon at 4:05
  Run = Level=Incremental tue at 4:05
  Run = Level=Incremental wed at 4:05
  Run = Level=Full thu at 4:05
  Run = Level=Incremental fri at 4:05
  Run = Level=Incremental sat at 4:05
  Run = Level=Incremental sun at 4:05
Pool {
  Name = sagittarius-pool
  Pool Type = Backup 
  Recycle = yes                       # Bacula can automatically recycle Volumes
  AutoPrune = yes                     # Prune expired volumes
  Volume Retention = 7 days         # one year
FileSet {
  Name = "sagittarius-full-set"
  Include {
    Options {  
      signature = MD5    
    File = /etc/
    File = /usr/local/etc/
    File = /var/log/  
    File = /home/        

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2 days you use full backup. Maybe you should only do a full on monday. (I guess if you do a full backup twice while your retention period is a week, you'll end up with 2 full backups...)
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9.9 When The Tape Fills
22.8 Manually Recycling Volumes

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