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Is multiple PTR records an issue?

I'm looking at my Server 2003 reverse lookup zone and notice multiple PTR records with the same Name (address) but different data (computer name).

This an issue?
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Hi classnet,

No, the "extra" PTR records that does not point to a valid computer name will be deleted, usually after your the amount of days that your DHCP lease is set to, IF you have configured scavaging of stale records.

It could be an issue if you have an application that expects a reverse lookup to match a forward lookup. Also, ping, tracert and a few other network diagnostic tools such as network and web log analysers sometimes can use reverse lookups to report data, multiple lookups could confuse apps and people alike.

So, potentially not an issue but not a flat out 'no' outright.

There are many discussions about this all over the web. Search for "multiple PTR records" for more info.
classnetAuthor Commented:
How do you eliminate this from happening?  I thought it was all automaticaly managed.
Firstly - Make sure scavaging is enabled on your DNS.

Secondly - Do not rename PC's very often.

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