"Sticky" Citrix Sessions

Hi all.

Setup is as follows.

HP C3000 blade enclosure with 4xHP BLC460 Blades, dual quad core cpu, 4gb RAM.  
Server 2003 R2 with Presentation 4.5 advanced, HRP 3.

6 Branch offices connected via leased line MPLS in a combination of 1mb and 2mb bandwidth.  8mb fibe at head end of the mpls.

Citirx using published apps, including Office 2007, I.E7 and a couple of Accounts apps fairly light weight.  All speed screen and latency reduction configured.

Printing through session based printers from a print server at head end and then down to the IP of the printer.

The setup serves around 100 concurent users at any one time from the branches.  Head end does not use Citrix but in a test enviroment performance is 100% perfect.

We have requested QoS to be enabled on the MPLS for Citrix priority, however in the mean time.... We get random sticky sessions and lag when typing, does any one have any pointers?
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Regarding the lag when typing, that is what Speed Screen is supposed to handle...check the client config on a PC experiencing this problem to be sure Speed Screen is actually configured for both check boxes (mouse feedback and local text echo).  This would be under properties of the "application set settings" inside the Citrix Program Neighborhood.
Regarding the "sticky" sessions, what do you mean by this?  What is the behaviour?
gregbhAuthor Commented:
Thanks for quick reply

We are using the PNAgent so no where to configure the speed screen at the client end.  By sticky I mean user types, nothing happens for any thing up to 10 seconds.  Very intermittant throughout the day.
OK - I guess the stickyness sounds like maybe the connection just drops and then re-connects via session reliability or something, so appears to the users as just a delay?
Can you try configuring PN on a client PC with those options to see if the lag goes away?  As you know speed screen can be configured in multiple places, but this might be a way to see if there is some other reason it is not working.
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gregbhAuthor Commented:
The connections are fully managed and monitored through the proivder - KCOM backed by C&W.   The bandidth and uptime reports show nothing unusual.  Odd thing is it happens at all branches.  

Session reliability is disabled.

I'll try the PN Asap and feed back.

Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
You can control the SpeedScreen settings thru a Citrix Policy and apply that policy to all servers or all users.
The only Speed Screen settings I have configured via Citrix Policy are the ones about Image Compression.  Have not noticed the ability to control Local Text Echo through policy -- can that be done?  Does it require a policy extension of some type?  I don't see the local text echo option in my policy console.
Actually I see it is doable by GPO via the Citrix ADMs
You may be seeing bandwidth spikes from large print jobs or clipboard usage.  Imagine what happens to a T1 with 20 users taking an average (AVERAGE) of 60kbps (total of 1.2mbps) when a 10MB print job comes down the wire.  Your line will saturate 100% until the job is done.  I would try setting up some citrix policies to throttle bandwidth and see if you have an improvement.  You can throttle everything down individually and test it out to make sure you aren't starving things off too much.

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That is a good idea. And the way they print may be relevent too. Check out the section on Printing in the Citrix Admin guide (less than 20 pages if I recall) to see the implications of various printing methods on network traffic.
gregbhAuthor Commented:
Sorry for he delayed responce but it's taken some time to work through.

Ultimatley we impletmented QoS on the MPLS to give a higher priority to Citrix Traffic and it's resolved the issues!.
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