Peachtree Premium Accounting 2008

I have a W2K3 server with Peachtree Premium Accounting 2008. Then I have 5 workstations running Peachtree client software. One of the companies setup is running real slow when users are writing checks. Could take 30 seconds or more for each entry if it takes it. Sometimes it just kicks the user out of peachtree altogether. Is there some setting in Peachtree or even Windows on either the server or client that I can adjust tio alleviate the slow responses?
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
Performance of PeachTree, like any other client/server database, can be dependent on many factors, from disk performance to available server memory for database cache to the cleanliness of the network environment.

Here's a few things to start with:
1) Make sure that the server is the database host for this folder.  Locate the file ~PVSW~.LOC in the database directory and view it with Notepad or use the TYPE command to view it.  It should contain the name of the server, not any workstation.

2) Check the database settings on the server.  I'm not sure if PeachTree provides the Pervasive Control Center (PCC) or not, but if they do, you can use that (from the server itself) to check your settings.  Look at the L1 and L2 cache, and adjust accordingly based on the amount of free memory available on your server.  (This is a lot more complicated that picking a number randomly, but picking a "good" number takles a lot more interactivity than a forum like this can provide.)  If they do not provide the PCC, then you can adjust the registry settings under HKLM/Software/Pervasive Software -- but exercise extreme caution, of course, to avoid breaking anything.

3) Check the memory and disk settings on the server to verify that there is sufficient resources and access to the disk available.  I expect that if only ONE environment is slowing down, the server is probably fine.

4) Make sure that the data directory is not compressed by the OS.  Some people do this to save space, and the DB performance suffers.

5) Make sure that the data directory is not being scanned by anti-virus packages.  You should at least exclude the DAT files in this directory from scanning.

6) Check the network performance using the Pervasive System Analyzer.  Here's a paper that explains a bit about the process:

(If you cannot click on this and want to save typing, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page.)
jeffg491Author Commented:
While the above items are all wise things to look at, the solution turned out to be in the inner workings of Peachtree. There must be a limnit of entries that an individual vendor can have. When I created another entry for that vendor account, I was able to enter items for that vendor at a rapid pace again. I named the vendor with an A at the end. Next fiscal year, I will start naming each month with a letter at the end due to the large amount of etries for this particular vendor.(ie. Instead of just Cookie Company for all, "Cookie Company A" will be January's activity, "Cookie Company B" will be February's activity, etc.)

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