XP SP3 issue

I installed a valid copy of XP Home but after updating Windows I got this error message when logging back on after installing SP3:
"the license key is not valid on this media, please reinstall windows" error code 0x80040509

The COA is an OEM license & was bought from a well known software stop site ;) & the CD is a standard gold XP Home CD. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me please?
There's info on the M$ site but no replies to questions sadly :(


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RightClickFixConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I got the OS back on and told the client about the issue. I left sp3 off & advised he left it off until I get an answer as to why it's happening?
I'll close this now despite not finding a solution but thanks for the replies, especially EasyTechNY who took the time to explain a lot of stuff. If anyone does find an answer please let me know,

cheers guys.
Have you tried to discuss the incident directly with Microsoft?
RightClickFixAuthor Commented:
No because somebody had already done that without reply but I'll give it a go anyway, cheers Igor.
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Did you use that CD to install XP on other hardware? XP OEM is bound to the first hardware it was activated on and you aren't allowed to install it to different hardware. Also, did you activate it before installing sp3? Often installing the SP before activation can cause problems.
RightClickFixAuthor Commented:
actually I can't recall activating XP? maybe thats it? I thought you were unable to update without activation though?
I'll sse how it goes thanks rindi :)
RightClickFixAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the lack of response but I've just got the PC back, wiped it & re-installed XP. No activation rerquired or available in /accessories... and SP3 is asking to be installed. I'm waiting for a reply from M$ about it & will report back as soon as they give me one :?

Maybe the client has bought an OEM disk thats already been activated & sold on as a rip-off?

I work as an EasyTech at Staples and install and ativate Windows XP and Vista on numerous computers. And it doesn`t always go as planned. On an OEM cd, there is usually not an activation issue. (The only normal issue with activation problems on a OEM is usually if you install a Dell OEM cd in an HP computer, for example where it will ask for a product key under installation), and before an install of the service pack. This type of downloading service pack does not always work.

But problems will occur. As stated above, there can be problems if the cd is used on a different computer or if the hardware on the existing computer is changed very much since the last installation.

I don`t use the email when talking with Microsoft. I use the "Activation over the telephone", when problems occur. Toll free number. Apart from the name of the caller and owner of the computer, Microsoft will ask for the code which usually will pop up under a "Wrong Product Key" notice. If it does not work, the will ask for the product key on your CD. If that does not work they will ask for a special key which is on the original CD (not OEM), that is situated very close to the whole in the middle of the CD. It is very hard to read, but after this code, they will give you a speial code to put in on the popup.

I have heard of instances where a computer comes in without the OEM cd. A XP cd is used "off the shelf" to install, just to get the repair done. That cd is not given to the customer. But it is not put back on the shelf either. Usually it is sent back to the supply depot as damaged goods. This is not the official way to do things, and I do believe most stores are very careful not to practice this way of doing business.
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