split PC audio output to several computer speakers

What I need is to connect several (5-10) computer speakers into 1 sound source. So I was wondering if it's possible to split the audio output signal from the PC's sound card into several outputs? All the speakers have built in amplifier.
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If you want to split one sound source into 5-10 different speakers, you would need an amplifier splitter. The sound will deteriorate each time you split it, and become lower and lower, and this device will keep it at the same sound level for all speakers. This is a 1 input to 8 output splitter:


You will need to buy a 3.5 mm male to  RCA male converter from Radio shack, plug the 3.5 mm end  into the output of your soundcard, and  plug the male RCA ends into the inputs of the splitter device. Then the  outputs of the  device to your speakers (you may need to convert from RCA to whatever input your speakers accept).

Hope this helps. This is just one example, I am sure there are other brands and manufacturers who make similar products. This is what you need to cleanly split your audio.
If you are using 3.5mm plugs you can buy splitters and daisy chain them together.
Sure. You just need a standard 5.5 mm stereo splitter. You can pick one up at radio shack or any electronics store. The power will be reduced somewhat with each split but you should be ok with relatively short cable lengths and amplified speakers.
i meant 3.5 mm
trixxxterAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay I wasn't arround...
About the audio splitter, since there is no "audio shack" store in my country perhaps I would need to build my own audio splitter, for one input and several outputs. Any schematic or idea how to built it?
Or simply to buy several 3.5mm single splitters and connect them one into another... but I'm not sure if that will work anyway...
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