How can I create and deploy a screen saver policy to workstations?

Hi There,

We're running W2k3 Servers and XP Pro workstations. We've got a couple of workstations that are dotted about the office which often get left logged in on a user account stored in AD as "workstation" which has domain access rights.

Because these machines are left logged in, we have created a policy which activates the screenssaver after 15 minutes, and asks for the password if the mouse is moved.

Trouble is, I can only get the policy to work by putting the User account (workstation) in the OU which the policy is linked to. I don't want to do this, as i've got a number of servers which i want to put into the OU so that they have the same policy described applied.

I've noticed that in creating the policy, the screen saver options are all classed as "user configuration". Is there any way to apply this same function to the computer itself?

I don't want to have to configure the screensavers on each machine (as we've got a number of offices with workstations) and we've got a fair few servers which are in the same boat.

Hope there's enough info there. Just ask if not. Hope someone can shed some light on this!!
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Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
im not sure if this was mentioned in the text above i kinda got confused around the middle...

you can add computers to an ou and just like the GPO to the OU
NedTAuthor Commented:
Yup, got that part. The computers in question have been added to the OU and the GPO linked to it, but that doesnt work.

Only way that i can get it to work is to add the user account that is used to log onto the computer into the OU, but i don't want to do this as i've got servers in the OU which only have local admin accounts.

Hope thats a bit clearer :)
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
ijust create a new OU
create a group of users then and just add the group....
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NedTAuthor Commented:
But my servers only have local admins, not user accounts on AD.

The workstation PCs have got a user account on AD (called workstation) which is then used to log onto the machine/domain.

I tried making a group within an OU, and then added the machines to it, but that didnt work either. :-(
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
honestly i think its the way your setting up your OU's...

so if you have created a new OU (for example; 'screen saver ou')
and in that is the workstations? or a group which the work stations are  apart of?
of just a group full of users, maybe '*all users* ? and this can be in the new OU

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NedTAuthor Commented:
As it stands, the OU (called desktops and servers) has the workstations and server computer objects.
That doesnt work.

I tried putting the computer objects into a group, and then placing that group into an OU.
That didnt work.

I then tried just putting the user accounts (which is not the ideal solution, as described previously) into the OU.
That worked.

Going back to my original question, is it because on the GPO will only apply this screen saver policy to users rather than the computer itself?
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