For each statement in asp

I am working in classic asp and i am using foreach statement as  below
for each member in abc.items
i want to use if condition inside foreach and loop thru it,if my condition is met i want to move to next record omitting rest of the can i do it?
example: i want to loop thru all the members and move to next record if my condition is met(i.e age <18)
can i use move next?
for each member in abc.items
if age<18 then
move next


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Couldn't you rather use a counter?
for i = 0 to abc.items.length - 1
    set member = abc.items(i)
    if = true then i=i+1
next i

You can't skip iterations with a For Each Next loop in VBScript.
Simply omit your next statement so:
if age < 18 then
  ' do nothing
  ' do everything else
end if
I agree with rhodesb, but I would do it as
For Each member in abc.items
   If Not age>17 Then
      'do everything
   End If

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