Why do I get the following message when I click on Switchboard Manger; >Method AccessUser DataDir of object Wizhook failed<?

I've created a database using Access 2007.  Every time I've wanted to make modifications to the default switchboard I've just clicked on Switchboard Manger-- the wizard is activated and I've have had no problems making the modifications.  Yesterday I clicked on Switchboard Manager to make a modification and the following message appears and the wizard will not activate, >> Method 'AccessUserDataDir' of object'_WizHook' failed<<.   I have searched all over for the enabling and disabling option but to no avail.
How do I get the Switchboard Manager reactivated?

Thanks in advance
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:

First, try Compacting and Repairing the database.

The only worthy resource I can find on Wizhook is here

Are you using the functions it provides without setting your "key"?
rhlopez1Author Commented:
Thanks for the response, I read the reference last week and at first paid little attention to it because of the last update date on it.  Today I read it again and tried to understand it, but I'm afraid it wasn't much help- probably because of my beginner level.  After reading the reference I accessed the following Access files (databases) in search of the wizhook file.  Listed are the files I searched:
I could not find any table, query, form, or report that asks for a wizhook key.  I must say that I search all over but I did not search "every" object.  If the location to input the key is in one of the objects in one of the above files can you help by directing me to it?  If the location to insert the key is in a code... then I need even more help.  Which object, which in the code?

Thanks for you help in advance.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:


Keep it simple buddy, Create your own Switchboard.

Just create a from and drop buttons on it.
Use the button Wizard to tell the buttons what to do.

The switchboard is a combination of a Form, VBA Code and a Table.
If any one of them gets out of sync with the others, all hell can break loose.
All it takes is changing one value in the table, or modifying one code statement, of changing one form property!

Once, every year I get pumped up, and I will decide I will "Tame" the switchboard manager
Every year I fail.

The SWM is even more complex in 2007.


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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
Just Say NO to the Switchboard ...

Instead, easily create your own professional looking Custom menus - with NO code.

Everything you need is here ... see this link:

Not sure it that article mentions it, but ... when you are in the Customize mode (dialog) ... if you hold down the Control key, you can drop and drag (ie, copy) menu items from one place to another ... handy for making a new menu that is similar another one.

Here is a related link also:



rhlopez1Author Commented:
Thanks for all the advice.  Since my last post this is what has transpired (or not transpired).... Came in yesterday morning and clicked on the switchboard manager, and "bingo", it works.  Didn't change, add, delete anything?  The wizard, I guess, just decided to take a week off!!  This is the kind of thing that I think burns everyone... something goes wrong and it fixes itself?  Because of what happened I am guessing that the problem may occur when the server or database is in a certain state, sort of how the database prevents a user from logging on if another user has a form or report in design mode???

Based on your advice and comments I'm guessing there is still no answer on how to fix the wizhook error?  I will definitely consider building my own switchboard manager if the problem continues to happen and will certainly get smarter on creating menus.  

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Well, if the problem is gone and you did not figure out why, and fix it, it will probably return again.

Again, the switchboard manager code is new in Access 2007, so there is not that much info out there on it.

Why not just create your own menu now?
Why wait?

I will take about 30 mins. tops, and you NEVER have to worry about this issue ever again.

rhlopez1Author Commented:
You're right, it will return... that much I do know.  I so plan to develop my own menus as soon as I have time. I know it does not take long but I have some reading to do before I attempt it.

Again, Thanks for your advice and comments.
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