How to restore two backup (.bak and .trn file) against same database?

Hi All,

I have to restore a backup (which client took from the production server) that a client provided us on our own test servers. I was expecting one file, but it has the following two files.

Romp_backup_200811060204.bak (5674685 KB)
Romp_backup_200811060209.trn (827 KB)

The .trn seems to be a SQL Server transactional log backup. I restored the .bak file only, but I dont see the data that I see on the production database. Is the reason related to the fact that I did not restore .trn file? If I need to restore .trn file now, how can I do that? Is this going to resolve the problem and the data will be similar to the production database?

Please suggest.
Thanks for prompt help.

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zeeshanbuttAuthor Commented:
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