incomplete text messages

4 days ago I installed the latest version of blackberry's professional express server on our fully patched 2003 small business server.  This was done to allow my boss to keep her calendar and contacts synched at all time.  Eventually, I plan to hook mine up to it as well.  

Everything went smoothly with the install and getting her blackberry 8830 to start using the server.  That same night she called me and told me that some of her text messages both SMS and blackberry messenger were coming in garbled or incomplete.  The only thing that I can think of is that our server is over burdened right now.  Is this the likely cause or something else entirely?  

I am getting another server together to take over some of our main servers duties.  Right now I plan to let the SBS handle file sharing, emails, dhcp, dns, and blackberry server; Ill move our internal websites, timeclock, quickbooks, and other applications to the new server.  Im just wondering if I should plan to move the blackberry server over also.    

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I don't think the balckberry enterprise server has anything to do with it.  BB Messenger goes through the RIM servers and your SMS goes through your carrier.

BES will probably be fine on your SBS box but being that it is the DC you would want to offload as much as possible to the other, keeping in mind you don't want to over burden it.

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on second thought, BES should probably be with exchange.
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