Flash banner tags - continued information through referrer tag?

Hi all,

I'm working with a client that has Flash banner ads going on many publciations. We've got the generic click tag embedded into the banner for tracking purposes, no problem.

All the banners direct someone to a landing page. On that page, there are then three links to other sites this customer has.

We can obviously measure those click through with simple analytics and document referrer info.

However, what they liked to know, is when someone gets to one of the three final destination sites, which Flash banner did they originally click to get to the landing page. I don't think this can be done can it? My understanding is Flash banners can't carry any header info, etc.

Or, it seems like some kind of scripting the Online Media company would have to add, so something like a cookie would be attached to the user clicking through??? Any thoughts?

Thanks, Cory

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Generally speaking, if you are serving the ads via those big companies like DoubleClick, no you cannot get the referrer information from the Flash...
But if you can run JavaScript from within the Flash where it is not prohibited, you can call up a JavaScript to get the document.referrer value back to Flash and you add that value after or inside the clickTag value so that it will be passed to the next stage...

So, yes it can be done if it is allowed, but I would not really rely on that though because there are many sites like MySpace which blocks the use of JavaScript...  That's my 2 cents...


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stoneromeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cyan Blue,

That's kind of what I thought. My client is now looking at the vendors below, because I think they break away from the more traditional ad serving modes, allowing them to do more complex tracking. I don't know if these companies can do what they want, but thought I'd include them here for future reference.

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