Exchange 2003 OWA failure

I have a problem when logging in to OWA 2003, the side loads fine, but in the message pane it says "Loading..." and don't show any mail. I've goggled the problem and found some articles saying that resetting the IIS virtual directory might solve the problem, but that was not the case.
The problem only exists when using IE 6 & 7, not in Firefox.

Any ideers?
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Check the drive space on the Exchange server that hosts OWA. If the IIS logs are on a full partition this will happen. I have had this happen as will and it did work with Firefox for me too, which i couldn't explain.
are there any gpos regarding IE?  if it is not happening in firefox then it is likley to be a IE issue.
piet_pedersenAuthor Commented:
There are 50GB harddisk space left, and no GPO's are set for IE. It is a strange problem, it just startet one morning. it even happens on computers that are not in the domain. :o(
piet_pedersenAuthor Commented:
No there are no GPO's for IE, I can't quit figure it out, any help would be appriciated it is driving me crazy
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