Connecting and customization of Lotus Notes Domino 8.0.2 with Share Point

I got an assignment recently to work together with a  Sharepoint developer to accommodate our Lotus Notes Domino 8.0.2 server  to MS Sharepoint and since I dont have an Idea about this I need to have some suggestions about this subject and where to start from please inform me about the best references and procedures to start preparing for this project ....
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Use Notes URLs to access Notes via web

Accessing Notes via the WEB. URL for Notes
Notes URL's don't quite work that way. They are one of:


Where common_server_name MUST BE the part of the server name before the slash -- I don't know where you picked up the @BO1@NMP, because that's definitely not part of the server name.

Database can be a path/filename.nsf, or hex16 replica ID, or __hex16.nsf

View can be a view name, a view hex32 ID, or a dummy string that does not match any view name.

There are no ?Commands to place at the end.  The document ID is the last thing that shoudl be present.

common_server_name can also be blank -- notes:///database -- for a local file.

n Notes 6 and higher, the notes:// URL of a database, view, form, or document can be determined using the NotesURL property of the element when it's accessed in LotusScript as a NotesDatabase, NotesView, NotesForm, or NotesDocument. If you want to construct a notes:// URL manually, it's of the structure:
    * notes://servername/databaseName?OpenDatabase or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID?OpenDatabase for a database
    * notes://servername/databaseName/viewName?OpenView or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/viewUNID?OpenView for a view
    * notes://servername/databaseName/formName?OpenForm or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/formUNID?OpenForm for a form
    * notes://servername/databaseName/0/documentUNID?OpenDocument or notes://servername/__dbReplicaID/0/documentUNID?OpenDocument for a document

You can leave the server name blank (so the protocol starts with notes:///) if you want to access a local database, view, etc.

I hope this helps !
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