how to add a drop-down field in oracle 8i?

I want to create a drop-down field on a form. Do you know how to di it in a easy-way? I am developing this form in oracle8i application
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MarkusIdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
List is ok.

On the attributes-page you have a property where you can choose between combo-box, T-box or pop. Here you should choose combo-box.

One or two properties above this you have the possibility to enter values for the list (an upper list where you can enter the values shown to the users, and for each value you have a field on the bottom where you can enter the internal value - that is the value that the program gets).

The error message means that you don't have entered any values in the list.
What application are we talking about? Oracle Forms?

In this case it shuld be a listbox-item, you can then decite which type of listbox you want (probably either a combo-box or a pop). You can populate it during the runtime with the add_list_item-procedure.
wasabi3689Author Commented:
yes, it's oracle form

The item name is RESET_REASON, but I don't find combox-box or pop under classs from its property. I find list, LOV...

I am currently using List

I want to use combox with two values - Failed Max Attempts and Expired

When I run my form, I have th following error

FRM-30351: Warning! No list elements defined for list item.

I don't know where the problem is.

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The properties are called 'list style' and 'elemnts in list'.
wasabi3689Author Commented:
yes, I choose combox and for element list, I choose Failed Max Attempts and Expired

But I still have the error message like that
Did you only enter the Failed Max Attempts and Expired or also the according element values (which values?)
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