css photo gallery for website

I have been looking for days for a photo gallery for my CSS-based dreamweaver website.  I have found nice flash templates but I don't know flash so that is out of the question.  I need something very simple.  I have looking into dreamweavers photo gallery but it looks difficult to add new photos.

Gallery should:

1. Function across all browsers including nasty IE
2. Allow me to easily add new photos
3. Present photo thumbnails which you click on for larger image

Any advice would be welcome!
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I use "phpslideshow"; requires minimal knowledge of php, although obviously you have to have php on your server.  You just put all your photos in a folder, and the script figures out the rest.

nsitedesignsAuthor Commented:
This is the exact look I was going for but since I don't know php, it all looks greek to me.    : (
Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a mac.  Don't know if that makes a diff?
Do you have Adobe PhotoShop? It will create a photo gallery from a folder of photos.
re:  "This is the exact look I was going for but since I don't know php, it all looks greek to me.    : ("
I know the feeling -- but you won't really need to know any php; you just fill in some values in the code, like your FTP login parameters.  

re: "Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a mac.  Don't know if that makes a diff?"  
shouldn't make any difference at all.  What can make a difference is your hosting setup, i.e. if you decide to use  a script based approach, you'll need your server to support it, whether PHP or ASP, etc.

Another option is to use Picasa and some of the excellent free templates that are out there.  eg. a bunch of them here:  http://www.paulvanroekel.nl/picasa/   I don't think they are necessarily any easier than the PHP slideshow to implement, but there are a bunch of very cool effects available, eg. I used the one called "Photo Stack" on one of my sites for an effect that would have taken many hours to try to program in Flash myself.

Or, many people just use web based solutions like Flikr or Picasa Web Albums, but then it will be obvious that the pages weren't part of your own website.

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