Guidance needed on whether a new SID is required.

I have recently been researching how to clone Citrix servers, and some guides from Citrix imply a new SID is only required for Window 2000 Servers.  Although in the past I have always applied new SIDs with NewSID (unless I Sysprepped something), I wondered if anyone has any more details of where and when a new SID is really necessary.

For example I'd like ideas/fact/opinions on whether new SIDs are needed if Servers will be joined to a domain (like the above mentioned Citrix Servers).  I believe duplicate SIDs can be an issue in a Workgroup, and I also recall that even using NewSID you can experience issues with Sharepoint 2007.

Any info is greatly appreciated.
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A new SID is ALWAYS required when cloning a Citrix server that will be put on the same network, in the same domain and same farm as the original master image server you cloned from.  Otherwise, you are going to be in for some long troubleshooting sessions trying to debug all the weird errors you WILL get on both servers and possibly your network and/or AD environment.
FourBeersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice.
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