Powerpoint Viewer (PPS) How do I extract Pages/Images?

Is there anyway that I can extract pages/images from a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow File (.PPS suffix)?
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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Open PowerPoint, then use File | Open ad navigate to the PPS file. It will open in Normal (editing) View.

Choose File | Save as and in the "save as type" dropdown box, choose HTML.

Then go find that HTML file you just saved. There will be a folder full of supporting files from the presentation. Your images are in there.

Alternatively, you can right-click an image or object on the slide and choose Save As Picture. Generally you'll want to choose PNG as the picture file type so that the object's background is transparent, not white.

Finally, you can choose File | Save as and choose an image format (I usually use PNG) from the "save as type" dropdown box. This saves each slide as an image.
simonrobsAuthor Commented:
Save as HTML worked great - thanks!
simonrobsAuthor Commented:
Great job - thanks!
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