PPTX 0K and error

I have a user who created a PPTX file and saved it to my network. When I look at it on the Explorer tree the file size sits it at empty. When I try and open it I get an error opening the file as well:

This error can be caused by some of the following conditions:
Your hard drive or floppy drive has a corrupt section (damaged track or sector).
A temporary operating system or network failure has occurred.
Your network is unavailable, slow, or is corrupting data packets (failure of a router, network card, or noise on the network transmission line).
If the network is experiencing problems, it is usually a temporary condition and if you wait a short period of time and try again, you can usually save the file. If the problem persists, consult your network administrator.
In the case of a damaged disk, you must save the file to another location (for example, a different drive).
In the case of a failure of the operating system, this can be caused by various memory management problems, viruses, incorrect usage of a UNC, alias, or invalid perimissions to the share where the file is stored. A known condition with an antivirus program can cause a similar condition. Check with the manufacturer of your antivirus program to see if an update exists.
More information about this error message online.

Now there is nothing wrong with any hardware. This is the only time I have seen this happen. The file was not empty at the time it was originally saved, but this is how it sits now. Has anyone seen this phenomenon before? I tried to upload it, but the file extension pptx is not allowed
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mrosierAuthor Commented:
well we use a very standard symantec antivrius enterprise software which has never interfered before and there was nothing special about this file making it different from others. But I think what happened was that this person was working wirelessly at the edge of the cloud and when saving to the network it might have disconnected before it got a chance to fully save. Does that make it possible?

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