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I am completely new to Weblogic and I have been asked to take on Load Testing and performance monitoring of our Weblogic server. Can anyone reccomend any tools, primarily for load testing but for monitoring the Weblogic side of things. To the best of my knowledge we are running Weblogic on a windows box so the overall monitoring I can do through the Windows utilities. I really need to figure out how to load test this thing before we put it up in production. Any help would me very much appreciated.

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rajesh_balaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. What application you are planning to load test (JSP/EJB/webservice)
If it is web based application, you could consider open source tools like JMeter, webload, openSTA. Or commercial ones like loadrunner.

2. Open source tools doesn't provide high monitoring capabilities. It depends on what you want to monitor. Is it just CPU/memory or you would like to monitor the number of JDBC connections in weblogic etc under load?

NaananAuthor Commented:
Well it is an enterprise level web application. I wouldn't even know what I would want to monitor. I am going to look into some books on the subject but any reccomendations would be welcome. I am a .Net programmer and SQL server DBA, this weblogic thing is totally new to me.

I will try out the open source stuff you mentioned, do they all run on a windows box. I DL'd Grinder but it appears to be a linux app, no MSI's, EXE's or DLL's so I am not sure.

All of the above mentioned tools run under windows.

Grinder can be considered as well. Its a good opensource tool written by one of the guyz from BEA Systems. For grinder, you need to just unpack and set JAVA_HOME alone.
On load testing, it would be worthwhile if you could consider the following before running them

1. What are the scenarios to be covered
2. What should be throughput(transactions per second) for each of the usecases
3. What are the desired/acceptable response times for each of the usecases
4. What should be the acceptable CPU usage (80% or 90% etc)
5. What is the exit criteria for tuning the systems.
6. What are the key parameters to be monitored during benchmarking (CPU, memory, disk IO, network etc)

Hope it helps.
If youre running Weblogic on the JRockit JVM you can use the JRockit Mission Control tools suite for monitoring your application. In JRMC can see heap usage, the size of the live set, CPU usage, network/file latencies, GC pause times etc. You can find memory leak and you can create recordings so you compare different setups, In the management console you can also inspect the MBean attributes that WLS exposes. Some attributes that might be interesting are.
ThreadPoolRuntime QueueLength
The number of pending requests in the  priority queue. This is the total of internal
system requests and user requests
WebAppComponentRuntime OpenSessionCurrentCount
Provides a count of the current total number of open sessions in this module.
ServerRuntime HealthState
The health state of the server as reported by the server's self-health monitoring.
JDBCDataSourceRuntime WaitingForConnectionCurrentCount
The number of connection requests waiting for a database connection
JTARuntime TransactionTotalCount
The total number of transactions processed.
JMSSessionRuntime MessagesPendingCount
The number of messages pending
You can download the tool for free here
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