Time stamps in event logs off an hour

Have W2k Terminal Server.  We are in Central time, have an office in CA on Pacific time.  I have logging enabled so when users logon/logoff to the terminal server it is recorded in the Securiy event log.  Because the server is in Central time, the times recorded are Central.

When looking at events from the CA user, the times seem to be an hour off.  And only before the daylight saving change.  

Would the adjustment of the clock back to standard time change the timestamps in the event logs?  I need to explain this inconsistancy to the CEO because he is examining the CA employee's productivity and we know he's not coming in as early as the log show.
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robrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you look back further, do the times work out properly?  Do you have the correct DST patch on your 2000 server?  

2 years ago the day that DST kicks in was changed.  If you didn't patch your 2000 server, it would have changed it's clock a week or 2 earlier than it was supposed to.  This could create the discrepancy you are seeing.

Are you sure that the servers are all on the  correct time after DST was implemented ?

Are you using a time server to synch them ?

I hope this helps !
benharAuthor Commented:
Yes the times are correct, I am using NST.

Nope, didn't help! ;-)
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benharAuthor Commented:
No they don't.  Everything before DST ended is an hour off.  Yes I do have the patch.
There have been issues with the patch working, sometimes it needs to be done twice

Are there any other time issues ?
benharAuthor Commented:
Even thought the DST patch was applied, it still could have been the issue.  Since I'm not seeing a problem anymore I'm calling this one solved.
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