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Macro Permission denied

Posted on 2008-11-07
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I'm trying to run a function using a Macro. When I try to run the macro, I receive a Run-time error "70" Permission denied.

The error occurs at line :Open FileNameAndPath For Output Access Write Lock Write As FileNum

The Marco is basically is run code:

Function Name: Export_Tab_Delimited ( "tblAGRSalesProjection", "F:\Supply Chain\Team Folders\Metrics\AGR Sales Projection\tblAGRSalesProjection.txt")

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Public Function Export_Tab_Delimited(TableOrQueryName As String, FileNameAndPath As String)
'This uses the DAO database reference. IN the VB window (Ctrl+G) go to _
Tools --> References and select the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Library
Dim DB As DAO.Database
Dim RS As DAO.Recordset
Dim I As Integer
Dim FileNum As Integer
'Dim FileNameAndPath As String
Dim OutputLine As String
FileNum = FreeFile()
'FileNameAndPath = "F:\Supply Chain\Team Folders\Metrics\AGR Sales Projection\tblAGRSalesProjection1.txt"
Set DB = CurrentDb()                              'Use the current database
Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("qryAGRSalesProjection")      'actually open the recordset
If RS.EOF = False Then
MsgBox "No Data", vbExclamation, "Exiting Fuction"
Set RS = Nothing
Set DB = Nothing
Exit Function
End If
'Open the file for output
Open FileNameAndPath For Output Access Write Lock Write As FileNum
I = 0
OutputLine = ""
'Output the field names as a header
For I = 0 To RS.Fields.Count - 1
If I > 0 Then
OutputLine = OutputLine & Chr(9) & RS.Fields(I).Name
OutputLine = RS.Fields(I).Name
End If
Next I
Print #FileNum, OutputLine
Debug.Print OutputLine
I = 0
OutputLine = ""
'start outputting the data
Do Until RS.EOF
For I = 0 To RS.Fields.Count - 1
If I > 0 Then
OutputLine = OutputLine & Chr(9) & RS.Fields(I).Value
OutputLine = RS.Fields(I).Value
End If
Next I
Print #FileNum, OutputLine
Debug.Print OutputLine
OutputLine = ""
Close #FileNum
Set RS = Nothing
Set DB = Nothing
End Function

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Question by:Buckeye4Life
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Accepted Solution

therealmongoose earned 1000 total points
ID: 22906313
Your code looks ok, I'd suggest you try to changing

Open FileNameAndPath For Output Access Write Lock Write As FileNum


Open FileNameAndPath For append As FileNum

If this doesn't work it may either be a permissions error on you server (try a temp file on the c drive instead to see if the code works) If it is permissions you need to check write permissions for your user name.

The other possibility is that your original code locks the file for output to - if you've crashed a procedure when you have been testing, you may still havea locked file on the server - try calling

 ( "tblAGRSalesProjection", "F:\Supply Chain\Team Folders\Metrics\AGR Sales Projection\tblAGRSalesProjection_Test.txt")

"F:\Supply Chain\Team Folders\Metrics\AGR Sales Projection\tblAGRSalesProjection.txt"

Is probably locked which is why your code isn't working....


Author Closing Comment

ID: 31514438
I found out that my boss had the txt file open on the server. Thanks for you're input, it was helpful.
LVL 10

Expert Comment

ID: 22912881
Lol - no probs, glad it helped - (bosses - always trying to be helpful... tssk!!)

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