migrating from sendmail to postfix. split domain questions

I have a server with sendmail 8.10. It is hosting the mail domain oj.pa.
the sendmail server is called sendmail.oj.pa
We need to migrate to a new hardware/software platform. So we are moving to centos/postfix.
I need to implement a split domain scenario where the two servers can send/receive email for the same domain while I migrate all the sendmail users to postfix.
So far I have done this:
a- new machine has postfix installed. will receive mail for domain oj.pa. this new machine is called postfix.oj.pa
b- users in sendmail.oj.pa are in format e.perez@oj.pa
c- users in postfix.oj.pa are in format erick.perez@oj.pa
d- postfix.oj.pa will be the primary server, getting all mail from internet and sending all mail to internet.
e- when postfix.oj.pa gets email destinated for erick.perez@oj.pa it will deliver locally
f- when postfix.oj.pa gets email destined for e.perez@oj.pa it will deliver via a postfix transport map to the sendmail.oj.pa machine.
In the postfix/transport file there will be several lines, one per user, like this:
e.perez@oj.pa   smtp:[ip_of_sendmail_computer]
With the above line i solve the issue of allowing email received from internet but destined to the old mail server, to be sent correctly.

Now, I need the opposite. Since the migration cannot be done all at once, I need to allow the sendmail.oj.pa machine to be able to send to new users in the postfix system.
What will the postfix/transport equivalent be in sendmail?
/etc/mail/somefile that has a line like:
erick.perez@oj.pa    smtp:[ip_of_postfix_machine]

Both systems are using Linux Centos 5.0

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The sendmail equivelant of the postfix transport file is the mailertable file.

sendmail.cf should have something like this....

# Mailer table (overriding domains)
Kmailertable hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable.db


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You will use alias file, then you wil put lines like

erick.perez  erick.perez@postfix.oj.pa

Of course, sendmail server must be know who is postfix.oj.pa

erickperezAuthor Commented:
bevhost: my sendmail does not have mailertable (its a sun cube) and no possibilities to install it. I must find another way.

antoniogc: if I use the alias file, the postfix users need to have a @postfix.oj.pa email address?

Mailertable is a text file.  You can just create it.

Does the sendmail.cf contain any reference to mailertable?

If not, is there a sendmail.mc file?
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