Seeking information on software for patch management, asset management and FDCC compliancy checking.

We have been using Novell's ZENworks for Desktops application to manage and perform application deployment and inventory and asset management functions to Microsoft Windows desktop computers. We also use Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) for patch management of Microsoft desktops.

Due to Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) program we have to have a limitation of end-user administration rights and the ability of users to install software and software changes including patches and updates. The currently used ZENworks package can no longer be used since it requires end-user administrative action to download and install updates and patches from a central software repository.

Additionally, the currently used products do not provide any capability to provide management, control, and security to Apple Macintosh computers.

Is there a software provider that provides multi-platform software distribution, license management, patch management, remote management, asset inventory, theft tracking, and role-based administration for both the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms?  If not are there a maybe a combination of product that could do it?  

Shavlik seems like a good application for management of the windows patches and FDCC compliancy.  However, it does not seem to handle the Mac clients or general software distributions.  I am looking for recommendations and information predominately from people in the field but will take information from companies that may provide this software as well.
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knightfoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
LanDesk all the way... its an awsome piece of software, we have it here for around 1500 hosts, mixed PC and MAC...

You can buy different modules for each aspect of IT.  The management suite allows you to manage all your client systems easily and efficiently. You can  automate systems and security management tasks and see, manage, update and protect all your desktops, servers and mobile devices from a single console. Plus it doesn't matter if your systems are inside or outside the corporate firewall.

Patch manager will do all of you hotfix and patch complience needs

We also use the security suite which lets you detect and deploy security patches automatically with active endpoint security management from a single console. Take proactive control with quarantine, antivirus enforcement, vulnerability detection, threat remediation, computer access restriction tools and more.

There is also many add-ons and other plugins, we also link the suite into our helpdesk systems and caller infomation, when a customer calls in via an IP phone the system automaticly brings up the host details.. asset.. ect..

TardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks . . . This looks excellent.  I might also look at KACE solutions.  Thanks for your reply.
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