Cisco router forwarding IP request's is pulling wrong IP addresses.

I've got a Cisco 2600 setup to forward DHCP requests, then on our DHCP server I have a superscope setup with 3 scopes.  One is for the main site, the other two for remote offices.  The other remote office pull's IP addresses through a Cisco 2600 w/o problem.  With this one, I'm getting IP addresses from the wrong scope, the Cisco forwarding has a address, but I'm getting a address from the DHCP server.  If I plug a static address into my laptop I can connect just fine, so the Cisco seems to be working, but for whatever reason I'm not getting the proper IP addresses.
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Go-GBSConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nevermind, it turned out there were old IP leases on the other subnets, once I deleted them it got the correct IP address.
Go-GBSAuthor Commented:
Little more info on the setup.  From the remote site having the problems, the Cisco 2600 is connected to our main site by a Cisco 1700, which is then connected to our main site's subnet, which is  Like I said it worked on the other remote site using 10.3, but I'm still pulling the wrong addresses here.
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