CLASSPATH setting in WebLogic 10.0


How and where ( or or do you set the CLASSPATH for the admin server and for the managed servers in weblogic 10.0?

In my environment I had set the CLASSPATH in And when I start admin server it is taking the path from
And moreover when i start Managed servers with out node manager they too are taking the CLASSPATH from some where.

How and where do i set the classpath is i have to start managed servers with node manager?
Any reference docs for the same?
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rajesh_balaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We can either set it in (in which case, you have to run before starting the managed server).

Other crude option is to directly set it in which is as well called by

Both should work

1. Weblogic take the classpath from internally makes a call to the above script. So it is highly advisable if you could change your CLASSPATH and PRE_CLASSPATH (if you would like some classes to be loaded before everything) setting in

2. Node always gets the configuration settings from admin server. That is the reason, you start it like <nodename> <adminserver:port>

When starting the node, it contacts the admin server and fetches the config.xml from the server.
skolakanuruAuthor Commented:
hi rajesh,

where do you set the classpath when using the node manager to start the nodes.

is that in script?

coz according to the below doc i am thinking that it should be set in

skolakanuruAuthor Commented:
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