Transatlantic bandwidth response times issue from UK to USA "The Planet"

Hi Folks

I have four servers at "The Planet" two in Dallas, two in Houston, and I'm in the UK

I find that data transfer speeds (e.g. ftp) to Dallas only make about 200k per second, whereas data transfer speeds to Houston are more like 400k.

My connection here can transfer to servers in the UK at much higher speeds than that.

And those dallas based servers will transfer to USA based internet connections at about 8000 K

Is there anything within my control I can do to speed up the Dallas servers or generally speed up the connection speed to America ?


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Eric AKA NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably not.

Once the traffic hits the US, the various controllers make the determination which route is likely to be the most efficient for getting your files from where you are to either Dallas or Houston -- but you're also at the mercy of what OTHER traffic is going to the same area.

As an example: I'm about six hours from EE's offices, due east of San Francisco. EE currently uses a company called Level3 as its ISP -- a major hosting service with a ton of bandwidth, but a relatively... testy ... relationship with AT&T, which provides the backbone.

Responses to requests from EE go either through Los Angeles -- which is to the south of EE -- or through San Jose. Normally, if I find responses from EE are running slow, it's usually because the traffic is going through LA, and there is congestion at the point where Level3 and AT&T connect. If EE is running quickly, then usually the traffic is coming through San Jose -- to the north of EE and a lot closer to me.

Your issue is the same, but amplified by an order of magnitude (at least). The traffic comes into the US at a few locations... but depending on which one the control servers think is the best route, it could be quicker or slower, just based on the destination.

arshanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using a leased line you can talk to your service provider and ask them to route the traffice through a different path. You can also try searching for providres who have multiple route connectivity.
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